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With Popklass you’ll be ready to compete against the biggest franchise chains with our built-in event creation and marketing tools. We have what you need to succeed. Built-in Event & Party Booking Software. Keep your traffic and customers 100% on your website. Don’t settle for less

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I have finally found a company that truly does what I need. The journey to find what this system has been long and hard. Now with the Popklass system, I can spend more time creating events and less time trying dealing with a non-functional website that does not reflect the look and feel of my brand.


Elene K.

Owner , Paint & Chill

I love using Popklass to handle my paint and Sip website reservation. I felt like I could never get my website do the registration process. Now I can create and edit events in the flight.


Jennie S.

Owner, Art Mango, Jersey City, New Jersey

I love using Popklass to handle my Sip and Paint Online Registration. I felt like I could never get my website do the registration process or look good. Now I can create and edit events in the flight.


Kelly P.

Owner, Art In Faces, Hillside, New Jersey

Enjoy the customizable event creation and management platform that handles reservations, subscriptions, coupon codes, gift certificates, and more.

Step 1

Fill out the form below. We will use the information to set up your business account. Your website will be ready for review in less than 24 hours.

Step 2

Your new booking system will be ready. Your customers will be able to book your events immediately, see services and prices, and contact you through your website.

Step 3

We’ll help you verify your listing on Google to make your services rank higher than the competition on search engines.

Create rich attractive events

Welcome your customers with large and clean images that explain your event at first sight

State of the art customizing
features for editing your events

Simple, easy-to-use, intuitive pages and flow to delight the user.
Responsive adaptable

Mobile and user-friendly. Semelesly
adjusts to your mobile screen giving your customers full control of the sign up process.

Activity tracker. Fully automated!

Get in control! Translate event data into actionable insights that drive growth and inform your marketing strategy. Our analytics tool tracks all sign-up and sales activities. Allowing you to see events sales profits breakdown by weekly, monthly, or yearly. Track coupon usage, sales, refunds, and cancelations. With Popklass you can generate custom coupon codes or the platform can generate them for you. PopKlass allows the upload of coupon codes from Groupon and other major deals companies.

Let us simplifies your life

PopKlass will eliminate the inaccurate note-taking process, simplify sign up and give you control and more time to dedicate to growing your business.


We perform the registration process to save you time and money. Reducing your operating costs to a fraction. Track sales, coupons usage, gift certificates, download reports, and more. See it all in realtime on a detailed dashboard.

Grow your business. We handle your reservations

A platform for growth. Our platform helps you run your business smoothly. Try it free for two months. No installation required. No setup fee. No contract.

Customer self-service

Customers can save, like, share, purchase products and services online, get event reminders, manage their reservations in our super fast and secure platform from a desktop or mobile device.

Make the most of online Ticketing. We offer multiple flexible packages. $0.75𝇍 per ticket sold or $59/mo.  




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Popklass The All-in-One Website and Registration/ Reservation Platform


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At Popklass we’re on a mission to empower local artist and art studios, with a strong online presence to help them grow and get discovered.

We pride ourself on the value we create for our customers. We help them grow their business by providing them with tools to easily run their events, while focusing on the experience they provide.




We are website and reservation platform all-in-one! The Popklass platform only serves the entertainment industry. Our product is not for everyone! What are the benefits of using Popklass over Wix, WordPress, Squarespace, Eventbrite, RezClick, The Event Calendar, or other website builders? Unlike the mentioned companies that create a generic product “one size fits all” and try to make it fit your needs, using a third party tickets selling system (plugin or add-on) or worse, it only sales a product. 

We are a dedicated website and event reservation platform for small businesses in the entertainment industry that requires events goers to register online, e.g. Paint and Sip art studios, dancing schools, piano lessons, museums activities etc. 

Our powerful platform is equipped with event reservation function to eliminate the calling and manual registration process.

Because we are specific to the entertainment industry, e.g. Paint and Sip, we create a full website for you that already has professional content written for your business product category, links to your location, and describes the pricing and details of your products or services.


Professional Content


We include well-written descriptive text for your specific product and services, along with high-quality photos and imagery (provided by customers) . This is placed carefully on your website product information from the start. Once we create one event, the amount of detailed information about your product will be consistent with the rest of your website. Little to non editing will be required.

Your customers can place orders right from the start and contact you through the website when necessary. Popklass event and website platforms includes reservation and customer, orders, signups and management functionality. 

Many of our customers are busy growing their business. We have a product that our customers tell us is just perfect for their budget and needs. They do not have time to spend “building” a website. They do not want a website building tool. They want a company that builds their website for them and makes their website information search engine friendly. All of that at an affordable price. That’s PopKlass!

We also include a free professional management of Google Business Listing which helps our customer’s businesses quickly become verified and listed on Google’s search engine and on Google Maps.

Contact us: 1.917-809-0548


Popklass The All-in-One Website and Registration Platform. © 2019 Popklass Reservation Platform, LLC. All rights reserved.